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Established Vitsro
Registered as eligible competitive bidder
Certificate on confirmation of direct production of streetlamp devices (including control device) issued
Certificate on confirmation of direct production of landscape lighting devices (for optical fiber and LED lamp) issued
Acquired ISO 9001
Opened Vitsro Lighting Technology Research Center (company-affiliated research center)
Certificate on direct production of streetlamp devices (devices for LED) issued
Acquired KC certification for encased LED lighting (LED indoor lighting)
Registered as company specializing in industrial design
Acquired KS certification for encased LED lighting (LED indoor lighting)
Signed up as member of Korea Metal Industry Cooperative
Converted to Vitsro Co., Ltd
Established Vitsro Co., Ltd.’s company-affiliated research center
Acquired patent (LED lighting device using radiant heat unit
Acquired patent (lighting system using consecutive wireless lighting control method)
Acquired patent (streetlamp pillar support)
Acquired patent (rotation prevention device for streetlamp pillar)
Certified as venture company
Transferred Vitsro Co., Ltd.’s plant within Sugok General Industrial Complex
Acquired collective standard certification for carbon steel light pole and stainless steel light pole
Registered as vendor for Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction on construction sector
Acquired patent (LED lighting device with magnesium radiant heat side)
Registered as vendor for Serve One Co., Ltd
Registered as vendor for Defense Acquisition Program Administration
Acquired utility model (auto hoist device)
Opened Vitsro Co., Ltd.’s online shopping mall (www.ledpro.co.kr)
Acquired patient (radiant heat LED board using heat conduction pipe)
Acquired patent (compressed radiant heat LED board using multiple-layered structure)
Registered as vendor for Korea South-East Power
Acquired patent (LED lighting device with radiant heat pin made of graphite)
Acquired patent (streetlamp pole in which lighting location can be adjusted)
LED lighting device and its manufacturing method
Applied patented for large-scale LED lighting control system
Registered electrical construction business
Registered as primary vendor for KT Co., Ltd.
Designated as outstanding product for government procurement
Established LED PRO IDN in Indonesia
Established LED PRO VKO in Vietnam
Owns numerous certifications on highly efficient equipment currently

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