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CEO’s message

CEO’s message 

Greetings. Welcome to the homepage of Vichro Co., Ltd.

Vichro Co., Ltd feels pride in adding ingenious beauty to various facilities based on outstanding design and experience without settling for the present in securing brightness, the basic function of lighting (light) in the fields of bridges, architecture products, streetlamps and indoor lighting.
In addition, we plan light-direction to create a space of light arts by striking harmony between light and the surrounding environment as well as a space of new culture for users.

Through lighting (light), people’s leisure activities at night have become longer and following such, the demand for improvement in surrounding environment is gradually increasing. Therefore, Vichro Co., Ltd will strive to prioritize reliability and customer satisfaction from design to planning and delivery (installation) at all times by focusing on the importance of lighting.

We will pioneer the industry as a landscape lighting specialist, developing continuously based on ceaseless R&D and unique technology.
Thank you.

Currently, Vichro Co., Ltd develops lighting devices based on highly efficiently LED light source that has been started by the government’s low carbon green growth policy and is a company registered at the Public Procurement Service.

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